Near2there: Remember Places You Love To Visit



Near2there is a mobile app that allows you to remember places that you would love to visit.

There are many times when we like a place we visit and want to visit it again. Sometimes, we hear about a place and think about visiting it sometime. But because most of us are forget about some excellent places that we think about visiting, we need Near2there. This app allows you to save places that you want to visit to your account, so that you actually do visit the lovely places.

To install Near2there, you need to drag a button to your browser toolbar and click ‘ok’. You are done. It is simple, easy to use and helps you to remember and visit the places you want to!

Near2there is available for both iPhone and Android. To sync placemarks to your phone from the web, you only need to register on the corporate website of Near2there and sign in.

It is a simple app without unnecessary features that only clog a good app. If you love travelling and do not like to miss out on the spectacular places you hear, see or have visited and would like to visit, you will love Near2there. It has simple features, is incredibly easy to install and is useful.

Near2there is also partnering with websites to put their button next to their location-relevant content so that users can easily, without even leaving the web page, use Near2there to remember places they want to visit.

With the help of Near2there, you can remember bars, restaurants, stores, sites etc. that you love. You can view them anytime and get alerts when you are near those places! You won’t have to think twice where to take your friends who have come to visit with Near2there because you will have plenty of options to choose from.