Miscake: Make Your Own Online Store For Free



Miscake is a platform where you can create your online store in three clicks.

Everybody knows how important it is nowadays to have an online store. Most users now go to the web to buy or get information about a business. Without an online presence, a business loses many customers. Miscake is the simplest way through which you can create a smart online store.

Miscake stores understands that an average person does not want to spend time on IT issues and want to be entirely focused on the business matters. That is why Miscake Stores make it incredibly simple for you to open an online store. You do not need to be familiar with programming, hosting, mailing services administrating and other such complex things to be able to open and manage a store. Miscake does all that for you so that you are free to run your business without any hassles.

They provide you with design templates so that you will not need to hire a web designer. Some of the other advantages of having Miscake is no item amount limitations, no performance slowdown on high load, unlimited free trial, multiple stores with single seller account, straightforward pricing model and more.

Miscake also offers you optimization for search engines so that you can quickly climb up the search engine and get noticed by potential clients.

Miscake Store service is available all over the world. And they have much freedom regarding the pricing too. You can use it for free for as long as you want, and whenever you are ready you can opt for a pricing plan.

Miscake was created by enthusiasts who were bored to see people being forced to use some software solutions because there were not any alternatives available. Miscake wants to broaden choices by offering brand-new solutions.


Nice review and nice service. What I like mostly is full control of css & html, cause it gives me a lot of freedom when designing the store, although they have preconfigured design templates for those who isn't familiar with programming.