AuctionBase: Reach More Buyers; Have a Strong Web Presence



AuctionBase is a service through which you can drive more business by reaching more buyers and attracting more sellers through in-built marketing, social media tools, mobile browsing and website content management.

Every owner of an online business knows that it takes a lot of time and effort to market your products online. There are so many different factors contributing to the sales such as social media, search engine optimization, customer complaints and so on. AuctionBase is a service that makes all this simple for you in one easy to use system and without any technical knowledge.

AuctionBase has some interesting features such as Facebook auction catalogue. Through it, you can seamlessly integrate your Auction catalog with Facebook so that you do not need to update your account with posts. You just share them on Auction and build your community.

With AuctionBase, you will not need to learn multiple system for email marketing, social media etc. AuctionBase website management will do all that for you and more.

Mobile website technology of AuctionBase allows you to adapt to visitors viewing your Auction catalogue on mobile devices. As more and more people now are going mobile, this feature will surely help you in increasing sales.

For marketing, AuctionBase has provided you with e-new campaign builder. You can send branded email alerts that feature your best items. There is no formatting, no cropping or uploading of images necessary. You have multiple layout to choose from so that you do not need to even design your own campaign.

AuctionBase has many more features such as AuctionBase Layout that is optimized for search engines, is easy to navigate and uses multiple filters and page layouts.

AuctionBase is a very useful service for anybody who wants to save time and effort in building a strong web presence and increasing sales.