GrOffr: Great Discounts on Group Buying Property, Cars, Electronics



GrOffr is a group buying site for real estate, property and other high-value products such as electronics and cars. They source the best discounts and best deals on property, and help buyers purchase their dream home.

GrOffr is derived from Group Offer. Their mission is to promote the concept of group buying which helps both the buyers (availing higher discounts) and the seller (inventory moves fast).

They deal in real estate, automobiles and electronics. They aggregate demand for the product and get discounts which a single buyer would have difficulty in negotiating generally. They typically run group deals which are time bound in nature, but will help you when you have a group of buyers for a particular product.

The important thing is that they can help you save a lot of money.

GrOffr’s social buying is impressive. They aggregate like-minded people who are interested in buying a particular product, and in the process, convert standalone buyers into a group of buyers.

They have a strong network of developers or car dealers to get the best possible discounts for group buying in projects and other products. They post deals on their website to create awareness among buyers who show interest. They make a group of all individual buyers through their website. The more buyers there are, the better discount you can get.

While in most of the deals, the sourcing is done by their team, if you have a deal in mind they can assist you in finding more such like-minded people and build a group. You can also source the deal or get a small group yourself; the rewards of the deal can be shared.

GrOffr is a very good service for anybody who is interested in buying a property, a car, electronics etc. It provides great deals, brings like-minded people together and informs you about great deals and discounts!