WorkMate: Easily Collaborate On Projects



WorkMate is a collaboration platform that helps you to manage your projects easily.

With WorkMate, you can organize all discussions on a project and create discussion and respond to them easily. Moreover, you can keep all your project files in one place for easy access.

You can upload all popular file formats such as Microsoft Word, PDF, Excel, Photoshop, images etc. All you files that are within your project are available at nay time and from anywhere.

WorkMate allows you to share your files, create tasks and control their implementation. You can assign responsibility for the task of any member of your project and you will be notified of the completion of that task. How cool that is. It makes management of projects so easy.

With the amazing features of WorkMate such as Creation and control of tasks, you can easily create, manage and control your projects. You can enable add-ons for your project with a couple of clicks. In the add-on store of WorkMate, you can find almost any add-on to fit the needs of your project.

The calendar add-on of WorkMate allows you to post timing of meetings and events so that you do not forget. If you cannot find necessary add-on in WorkMate’s add-on store, you can create your own one.

All you files and discussion on WorkMate are protected. Nobody except you and your team can view your conversations and the details of your project.  With 128-bit encryption SSL, all your data is safe and secure.

With easy collaboration, file storage, task tracking, extensibility, safety and lots more amazing features, you will love to manage your projects on WorkMate. This amazing collaboration platform is a must for anybody who requires managing projects and works with teams.