Media-tech Scanline Pro MT4091- Scanning without Computer or PC with Four Batteries

Media-tech Scanline Pro

Media-tech Scanline Pro

“Is the fast life a result of the eternal desire for improvement, or it is just a product of the consumer society” is the question which everyone has on their mind when they come up face to face with a product like the Media-tech Scanline – scanner. We have seen portable scanners before but none like the Media-Tech’s scanner, which brought the scanner portability to another level.

This scanner is in a class of portable scanners for documents which means it doesn’t have a normal glass where you would put the original for scanning, but a mechanism which gradually takes the paper in, and brings it over the head of the scanner. The obvious flaw of this kind of system is that you cannot print a book or any kind of newspaper etc. From the other hand there is no need of a big working surface as would be the case with a classical scanner. When you add to this that this scanner can be powered by an USB or four AA batteries, the whole idea about mobility takes new heights. But that isn’t the end.

For scanning you don’t even need a PC, because on the device there is a MicroSD slot where all the scanned documents can be saved. A great idea but the realization of it is a bit odd. With the buttons on the scanner you can select the resolution, start the scanning, and within 6 seconds the page with resolution of 300dpi will be saved on the card. It sounds nice if it hadn’t had a flaw- the MicroSD card doesn’t come with the device. You would think that, that is ok, that you can use it with a computer without a card, but the scanner when plugged in without a card acts as a card reader and not a scanner which is very odd.

The full price of the device is 95 euros which is quite a lot for a scanner which doesn’t come with all the hardware necessities.