Agora Pulse: Increase Your Facebook Page Presence

Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse

Managing a Facebook page is no easy task. There are a lot of thing you need to keep track like moderating, publishing good contents on a regular basis, staying updated with colleagues about the questions asked by fans, and creating a report about the statistics of your Facebook page.

But now, Agora Pulse provides a publishing tool that lets you create your Facebook posts and choose the days and times that they will be published. With Agora Pulse, you can always make an immediate response when your fans post a comment. Since Facebook notifications are sometimes unreliable, this service makes it to a point to provide a more efficient notification system that suits your schedule, whether it’s instant, hourly, or weekly. That way, you can never miss any fan post or comment.

The level of engagement of your fans and the scope of your posts are so much harder to accurately measure than expected. That’s why Agora Pulse archives the key statistics you need so you don’t have to look for them on Facebook. In addition to that, Facebook insights are being archived and tracked which can also be easily displayed in charts and graphs.

Agora Pulse offers a whole lot of tools that makes job much easier and more time efficient. Here’s some:

  • There is a transparent breaking down of comments and posts to be reviewed
  • Email alerts all day round
  • Ability to delegate the post moderation to another administrator
  • Ability to flag and tag a post
  • Ability to “tag” a post
  • List of words to watch; that will automatically trigger specific actions (deletion, assignment, tagging, flagging of the concerned post).

Indeed, Agora Pulse gives you the essential tools to run and manage your Facebook page. You can ensure engagement from fans thus widening your content viewers. Agora Pulse only gives you the best application to engaging activities for your fans.