Hopper: Save Contents on the Web



At this time, saving and retrieving file contents and other online information is not new in the web. A lot of services like Citelighter, which allows you to highlight web content and have them all indexed, are made readily available to everyone. This is because they are powerful, flexible, and helpful. At present, a relatively new application takes form to make data retrieval much easier. It’s called Hopper.

Hopper lets you save files such as texts, images, and links by the simple process of copying and pasting (using Ctrl + V), or by simply dragging it into the webpage. That being the case, you can easily get the content back anytime you need it later on. Any device that can gain access to the internet will let you retrieve the data again, just as if you were on your HD or ZIP drive.

Aside from being able to use Hopper in an incredibly easy way, it also gets another advantage by being able to work and use its services without registering yourself to it. Although you can create accounts if you really want to organize your data or have everything sorted out, but other than that, you can use the service without having to sign up first. With this feature, you are able to utilize this great tool for capturing your desired content whenever you want and wherever you are. When you see something you like, you open Hopper on a separate tab, and then simply drag the images, texts, or links there. And that’s about it.

At the end of the day, Hopper makes it easier for you to share data (text, pics, links, and files) in a much quicker way. In addition, you can also keep track of the things while you are working. It is an app coupled with simplicity and efficiency. It is indeed a “paste bin for anything.’