Apple New iPad3 – Finally with New Retina Display, Double HD Quality and Faster than Tegra 3

Apple New iPad3

Apple New iPad3

On the 7th of March we had a revealing of the newest I miracle, the rebirth of the iPad and it still continues the legacy with the same name, it is called the new iPad not so called iPad 3. But, what is better than the previous versions? What has changed? Is it revolution or just evolution of the same product? Most of the fans had some issues with the previous versions and told what they wanted to be changed. But did Apple listen?

Let’s see what it has to offer and you decide what is what and would you give minimum $399 for a piece of tech like that. 

Apple has listened to the users and implemented in the new iPad a new retina display that is not as dense as the ones on the iPhone 4 but it is good enough, with its double HD quality of (2048×1536) and 264ppi and display size of 9.7 in. It has an oleo-phobic coating that makes it fingerprint resistant.

Inside the hardware is made out of new generation A5 and it is an ARM based dual core processor, with quad-core graphics processor. According to Apple it is supposed to be “twice as fast” than the competition “Tegra 3” and the graphics is claimed to be, four times better that Nvidia’s. This is to be seen, because Nvidia has some impressive hardware implemented in “Tegra 3”,like 12 GeForce graphic processing cores.

The rear camera got a boost and it is now 5 megapixels and it can record up to 1080p video. The connection types are improved with a 4G LTE support for America only that can get speeds up to 73Mbps, for the rest of the mortals there is HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA. Standard Wi-Fi and USB are there with improvement on the Bluetooth making it version 4.0.

All in all it is 0.8 mm thicker than the previous one, measuring 9.4 mm. The weight is 652g and 662g for the 4G version. The rumored microSD and additional tech. are not present, so all hopes go to the future iPad 4 to correct all the mistakes.