ZaggMate with Keyboard and Long Lasting Battery in a shell


ZaggMate iPad Case

No matter how good it is, Apple’s iPad is still a Pad and everyone that has owned a Pad can tell you that it is really hard to type on a screen, especially long texts. Of Course Apple gives you the opportunity to connect a Bluetooth keyboard, but bringing a keyboard with you kills the meaning of the Pad itself, nevertheless the additional budget and weight that you need to worry about. Some companies tried some inventions, some were good, some were bad, but not so good as the ZaggMate.

The first thing that separates ZaggMate from the competition is the material from which it is made, it is has a lower side made out of aluminum with almost the same color as the iPad. The main reason for a gadget like this is to protect the screen of your favorite toy, so when you put it together, the two sides that are facing outwards would be aluminum, making an aluminum shell. When you put the iPad in the slot it has two distancers, which shield it from touching the keyboard.

Of Course this is only half of its purpose. Inside there is a very well made keyboard with similar characteristics as a notebook keyboard. It is not too small, but the direction keys are something that you have to get used to. Except for the regular keys, there is a full multimedia control (Play, Pause, Next and Previous), also a Search, Sleep and Home button. The well-made support gives you the opportunity to put your iPad in a Landscape mod and in Portrait, which comes handy in many occasions.

ZaggMate has a battery that will last for at least a month in a stand-by mode. There is an opening on the bottom of the device that will allow the iPad to charge, even while inside the shell. Next to this there is a microUSB port, for charging the ZaggMate.

It is on the market at the moment in USA and in many countries around the world and the price is between 80 and 110 euros. It comes in versions for iPad and iPad 2.