6Scan: Protect Your Website from Hackers with a Single-Click



6Scan protects your website against hackers destroying, stealing or defacing your website’s precious and vulnerable data.

6Scan provides you with useful features such as Patrol Scanner. It is your personal white-hat hacker, constantly scouring your site for vulnerabilities and reporting them to the Bodyguard. 6Scan’s Patrol Scanner imitates the actions of a hacker trying to hack into your website. Each page, form and script of your site is scoured for weak points. It uses a combination of heuristic scanning with information gathered by 6Scan’s security response team and the latest online sources.

It also provides you background protection. When it detects vulnerability, it quickly patches it up. A hacker attempting to exploit the vulnerability will not even know that Bodyguard is there.

6Scan also provides one-click installation. It can be quickly and easily installed using the plugin installation procedure you are already familiar with. If your site is hosted with their select hosting partners, 6Scan protection is already pre-installed on your site and needs to be activated.

Their team of ex-military hackers work around the clock to find undocumented vulnerabilities. Moreover, it is fast acting. 6Scan Patrol responds to new vulnerabilities discovered by their research team. Its unique cloud-scanning technology allows you to perform this process quickly, usually in less than 15 seconds, for a virtually unlimited number of sites.

It is maintenance free. From the moment you enable 6Scan’s protection, no more action is needed to maintain a high level of security for your site.

The mission of 6Scan is to reverse the rising trend of successful website hacks, making the Internet a safer place for website owners and users. As more and more websites will use 6Scan’s one-click protection that is always updated, hackers will have less chance to succeed in their attacks.


Really it works or protects from Hackers?