LiveScene: A Guide on What to Do in Australia



If you are at a lost on what to do in Australia, then LiveScene is for you. LiveScene is an iPhone app that allows you to know that coolest thing to do in Australia. This helps you find a place to go so as to enjoy good music, drinks, and company. Every good places that you might want to visit is put in an interactive map, and by merely tapping on any of the given markers, you will get to know more about a particular deal, party, music, or event within just seconds! And if you really fancy something, then you can easily share it to all of your friends with just a couple more taps.

Essentially, LiveScene helps artists by providing them a tool to promote their events easily. They can add events directly from the app, and share them in social networks. To cap it all off, they can also promote events with Push Notifications to users near the venue just before the event starts.

And if you are a local live music and events searcher, you can simply load the LiveScene app and use your location as a point of reference. The app then will scan your area for upcoming events.

Of course, LiveScene can be helpful to locals weighing up options for a great night out as it is for tourists. It’s a quick and dependable way to discover great places to go straight to when you just want to have a good time in a city that’s entirely new. You don’t have to ask somebody, simply get LiveScene at the AppStore, launch it, and check the map. It is absolutely free!

Indeed, LiveScene helps you find out and promote live events with others. They want to see the music venues thriving, so LiveScene wants you to “keep exploring, keep discovering, and most importantly, keep coming back.”