Hitpost: Go Live On Your Favourite Sports



Hitpost is a San Francisco based company that makes it effortless for you to report for sports team, anywhere. They give you professional photos live from the sidelines, and automatically generate reports, statistics and scores for you to personalize and share.

They also show you live feed of all the teams you follow, updating over 100 times a minutes by users. Already Hitpost is generating 100,000 views daily.

Hitpost provides you personalized, visual and very fast platform for sports. You receive and share all the news and photos of a sports event fast. The company has licensing deals with many publishers including Sports Illustrated. It is now looking to expand into the UK market.

Hitpost is available on iPhone, Android and the Internet where their fan base is growing each day.

Hitpost came into being because the team behind Hitpost thought that sports needed cutting edge technology and social products because the user wanted everything now. Also, sports is a great market opportunity.

The team wants to build a community around people who like to snap photos at games, sports bard or television. They believe that photos are the highest common denominator of sharing. Creation and sharing of a live stream of photos of sports with amusing and memorable captions by friends even before it is available anywhere else on the Internet is something that any sports enthusiast will love.

Changes to Hitpost are ongoing. Most of it involves removing complexity and simplifying Hitpost and making things easier for the users.

Hitpost has already captured the imagination of many sports lovers. It indeed sounds lovely. You can get minute-by-minute update on a match along with professional sports reporting.

Hitpost is backed by many investors and high profile angel investors some of whom are Shervin Pishevar, Khosla Ventures, Naval Ravikant, RRE Ventures and more.