CrowdPlace: Do Not Lose Your Favourite Content When It Gets Old



CrowdPlace allows you to save your favourite content into a customized stream of useful information.

Your conversations on social networking sites are many and so are your friend’s responses. Not all of them are relevant or important though. With CrowdPlace you can easily categorize all the different conversations you have on social networking sites such as Facebook in different channels.

There is no way that you can find old posts on Facebook. Timeline is the latest addition that can help you go back in time on Facebook and see your old posts, but it takes much time to do that. CrowdPlace makes it very simple and easy for you to find your old posts because on CrowdPlace, everything is categorized.

You can add names to your categories. You can have a separate channel for childhood friends. You can have a separate channel for you lover. You can have a separate channel for your colleagues. You can have a separate channel for topics you care about. And so on. This makes it very simple for you to go through only those channels that you want to and leave the rest.

There is a lot of room for everybody on CrowdPlace. Even if you a thousand friends and contacts, CrowdPlace has a place for every one of them.

CrowdPlace is a simple and powerful tool to manage your Facebook information. You can create an account for free on their website. There are no plans, no long forms; you can start creating your channels for free instantly.

For all the people using Facebook and losing their earlier conversations with friends, lovers and colleagues, it is time to organize it all on CrowdPlace so that when you want to see a particular conversation, you do not have to waste time to be able to get there.