BannerNow: Create Banners without Designing, Programming Knowledge



BannerNow is a place where you can create a great banner without any experience. You get ready-to-use compiled swf banners. There is a big collection of free icons, backgrounds, buttons and fonts.

Every website owner, at some point of time or the other, wishes to include a banner on their website. A banner effectively puts a point across without looking boring. Mostly, banners are used for advertising, but they can also be used for writing important messages, quotes etc. But most users of the Internet are not familiar with designing and therefore are unable to put a banner on their site. Now, with BannerNow, things have changed.

You can also browse and upload images, button, backgrounds, icons with others. Before you finalize it, you can see the preview of your banner and make changes in it.

Moreover, there are cool effects that you can use on your banner without Photoshop. You can build new banners without the need of programming or designing. You need to check into BannerNow website and click on Create Banner Now. You can taken directly to a control panel where you chose the main format and other features such as colors, measurements etc.

You can easily share your banner in different ways through email. The file you create through BannerNow is in .swf format. It is then ready to use extension for graphics. If you want to add images to your banner, you can easily upload them without a problem and make them a part of your banner.

It is not difficult to create a banner, but you also need some programming or designing skills to put it up on your site, running. BannerNow makes it simple for average users to create and place cool banners on their site. It is a very helpful tool for website owners.