Quotiply: Businesses App That Connects Companies Intuitively



Quotiply is a business app that connects companies with each other and helps you to connect with all your suppliers and customers in a smooth and intuitive way. Quotiply believes that today the exchange of products and services is not as easy as it should be. That is why it brings a cutting edge technology to finally help businesses of all sizes to better interact with suppliers and customers.

The app can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Companies can rely on Quotiply to automatically collect, rate and access offers from their usual providers, and identify strong contenders. Moreover, Quotiply has excellent networking features such as profiles, messaging and contacts.

It connects members together through an advanced suggestion system. Members can discover potential suppliers they would otherwise never have the chance to consider. Being featured in suggestions allows companies to bring in new business.
“In a world like this, where everything is connected, we feel businesses have been left out. We are fixing that with a great app that connects companies together in the most efficient way. We offer user-friendly design and powerful features, with an affordable price tag” said Paul Dupuy, CEO and Founder of Quotiply.

With plans starting from 10 euros a month, Quotiply offers a compelling escape from using outdated software or manually collecting quotes through emails and phone conversations.

Quotiply takes the mostly quantitative way companies purchase and sell today and adds qualitative factors into the mix. It helps them reduce their costs and increase their revenue through finding new customers, thus improving their bottom line, and paving the way for “Better business”.

Every use and company on Quotiply has a public profile that allows tracking customers and suppliers. You will explore more of its amazing features as you start using it. Quotiply is the best answer to the problems of businesses.