Linkovery: Your Cloud Desktop For Applications



Linkovery is a cloud desktop for web apps and websites. It is an improved desktop that includes as many icons as you want to access your web applications and websites easily and quickly.

With Linkovery, you can easily access your social network email, online banking, magazines, newspapers, games and online shops from your Linkovery desktop by using any device.

Linkovery is an open web platform so any webmaster can include his or her website and web apps in Linkovery web store. Programming languages different from web standards are not required either. Linkovery is the open solution for closed web app market.

Linkovery is your cloud desktop. You can organize, discover and share all your favourite website and web apps. You can create your Linkovery desktop, get all your favourite websites in a single place, visit your favourite websites from Linkovery, click on website icon you want to access and more.

You can visit the web store of Linkovery and discover many selected websites. You will find many categories to make it easier. You can add any site to Linkovery. Just add the link to your Linkovery desktop. You just need to type the URL in the ‘Add application’ box and you are done!

The Linkovery browser extension allows you to access your desktop quickly. Moreover, you can share your favourite webapps and websites with your friends. You can check your friends Linkovery desktops and discover the websites they like.

You can access sites via Linkovery’s desktop apps. It allows you to create and customize web apps for every device using open web standards. It does not matter if you are on iPhone or Android, you can access any site using any browser.

Linkovery is a very useful platform and has already generated thousands of visits to third party apps hosted on their site.