LiquidBase – New way of hearing music

A new company called LiquidBase started out with a bang delivering to the market a new concept of delivering music through their invention, speakers made out of transparent glass called SonicBlades.

The SonicBlades speakers are based on an active membrane speaker, which is known as sonic panel, which reacts with lightning speed to the even lowest audio signals, which makes SonicBlades almost the fastest reacting speakers on the market. This contributes to a clean, crisp sound with the ability to take advantage of high bit rates.They are designed so that they will reduce all the frequency components to low levels even when
they are at maximum output. Doing so, the result is a complete sound with incredible details which is mostly masked by a regular speaker. SonicBlades are uniform, bi-directional speakers which have a rear audio image that helps boost the audio delivery giving more power to the sound. The usage of a rear audio image gives the room a more acoustic effect. They are passive speakers and they need to be attached to an amplifier capable of giving power of about 4ohm and delivering 100watts RMS.

The SonicBlades are made out of 8mm toughened glass pillar with a sonic speaker plate. The base is made out of aluminum, plastic and metal and it holds the pyramidal subwoofer box. Their weight is 13kg, height of 1250mm and they can put out 100watts of power with a threshold between 80Hz – 20KHz.

They were selected as a winner of the “Best of innovations 2012” for home theater speakers – by 2012 Design and Engineering awards committee. The price for a pair of these works of art is $1980. So if you are a fan of a perfect sound and willing to pay for it this is one choice in the market that is worth having.


They sound superb