Floggia: Discover New Photos, Connect With Photographers



Floggia is a place where you can discover great photos, topics, and people, and share your photos with others easily.

On Floggia, you can discover what’s trending on Floggia, discover photos and interact with other people and also with people behind the lens. You can also follow topics you like and get notified when there are new photos for you to discover.

Floggia turns photo-sharing into a discovering experience and a source of interesting topics for everyone. It has been called Facebook for photographers.

On Floggia, you can see what professional photographers are up to, what they share on their news feed and what their thoughts are being a photograph or photography in general. There is also the option of ‘like’ where you can acknowledge the good work of a photographer. You can also message other members of the site and even ask the photographer questions about the photograph, about technicalities of photography etc.

Many people do not know that Floggia is a one man show. It was created by a 19 year old Venezuelan boy, Miguel Kudry. Before developing Floggia, he had already developed a few apps, some of which were hits. He began developing since he was 13 years old.

Already Floggia is up against biggies such as Flickr. According to Miguel, Floggia is different from other social networks because it is simple and easy to use. Moreover, it is very easy for users on Floggia to explore interesting photos and discover photographers whose photos appear on the ‘Interesting’ page of Floggia.

Miguel wants users of Floggia to suggest new features. As a user, you can easily create a profile on Floggia where you can have a bio and a photo. You can choose to have licensing of your photos, choose display settings and so on.

Floggia allows you 25MB of space per image, and there are no limits to how many photographs you want to upload! It is a great site for new photographers and photography enthusiasts where they can discover, connect and have fun.