MentorMob: Cut Out Internet Junk, Search for Relevant Content



MentorMob is a free platform that allows you to organize the best educational content from the Internet into an easy to use learning playlist. In other words, MentorMob makes online learning accessible and simple for the world.

The problem is not that in today’s world information is accessible all the time, but that good content gets lost in the heap of terrible content. Mostly, bad content is used to get on top of the search engine results while great content sometimes get lost because it is not SEO friendly. It is from this frustration on the part of every Internet user that MentorMob came into being. The mission of MentorMob is to bring sense to all this disorganization of valuable information.

You can learn anything easily from the best of resources. Google is not the only solution for learning, check out MentorMob.

MentorMob organizes the best of content from all over the web, making it easy for you to access it. You do not need to hunt for relevant content from a dozen sites, some of which might be junk. On MentorMob, there is no junk, just high-quality, relevant content that is highly useful. Getting access to MentorMob is like joining V.I.P. version of the Internet where you skip all the junk and get to content, videos, audio and more of highest quality.

One Learning Playlist on MentorMob can reach million of Internet users. Creating and editing Learning Playlists is free and very easy. It shows the world what you know and also opens your knowledge of people who share your skills so that you can get help from them in adding and editing your Learning Playlist.

Each Learning Playlist on MentorMob can be rated. That brings the best of Learning Playlists to the top of the charts. You can get real organization when learning online because it is up to us to make learning free and accessible to the world, not search engines.