Goodbuzz: Tip People to Advertise Your Business



If you need a site that promotes your event, product, or service, then is for you. Goodbuzz is a “platform for Crowdsourcing Advertising Budget to accelerate word of mouth online and offline.” By giving advertisers their marketing budget straight to their clients, fans, and followers and do the work for them, great marketing results are made. And what better ways to do it than social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

To get people sharing, advertisers start off by posting their advertisement and tip those who like and spread the news to their followers and friend either with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or by email. This tip is an amount of money given to those people who imparted your advertisements. In the end, this tip is divided among those people who have contributed a part for your campaign. So they will be rewarded for the relentless efforts finding and sharing what they fancy. What an easy way to earn some extra cash!

It is rather easy and simple. You just need to put whatever you want to promote, a book you just recently finished, something you want to sell in Amazon, into a list. Then you decide the amount of tip you are going to give your supporters. Once you have set it all up, you simple have to wait for the result. And when the promotion has already ended, you can see how well it went by the section for stats provided by the site.

Undoubtedly, you have better chances than others who are using the traditional advertisements like URLs or clicks, because in our time people influence other people much greater than before. Nowadays, people find out information through what other people are sharing. So Goodbuzz is just one smart way to spread the message if you are a bit tight on budget. So get started to this straightforward site and get quick results in a reasonable price.