Giftwhip: Wrap Your Online Gifts in Beautiful Covers



Giftwhip is a virtual gift wrap for online presents. It allows you to transform the look and feel of any online gift with gorgeous digital wrap, cards, bows and their Peek-Proof countdown timer.

The service has transformed online gift giving. Everybody would agree that wrapping is a very important part of gifts. If the wrapping is attracting, then the stuff inside also looks good. Imagine a great book with a lousy wrapping. It reduces the attractiveness of the present itself.

When online gifts are concerned, we do not think about wrapping much, but Giftwhip has brought our attention to wrapping online gifts. Let’s make the world beautiful. People use Giftwhip to send gift vouchers from daily deal sites, online gift cards, from popular retailers, songs from iTunes or any last minute gift from your favourite stores. Whatever the gift might be, Giftwhip can make it look very special.

Creating a Giftwhip is a fun way to dress up a boring email. It is also a very good way to show your friends, family and other loved ones that their birthday, marriage anniversary, wedding, promotion, or festivals are very important to you. What else can be better than to send them a present that is beautifully wrapped.

You can create your own online Giftwhip box. Pick a beautiful wrap pattern, personalize your note and set a Peek-Proof unwrap date. Giftwhip assigns you unique email address to your custom Giftwhip box. You can then shop for any present from an online store. Instead of sending the gift to your friend’s email, send it to Giftwhip box you designed and you are done. Giftwhip will wrap it box and deliver it to your friend’s email.

This is the most simple and exciting way to send someone a virtual gift!

Giftwhip was built by a small team in Atlanta and is co-founded by Mike Ferguson and Drew Newell.