Unanchor: Searching for places to see at your destination



Unanchor is a self-guided tour itinerary with lots of travel information so that you can cut time researching great destinations and start enjoying your holiday quickly.

This site is a one-stop platform for anybody wanting to plan a holiday. Most of the time, we spend a great deal of time searching for sightseeing on the Internet. Sometimes our friends suggest us places they have visited and liked. But these methods can be time-consuming and inconsistent. Unanchor provides you with spectacular places with all the information you will need.

Using Unanchor is very easy. With a single click, you can access great destinations in all around the world. Be it Asia, South America, Europe, Middle East, North America, Africa or the South Pacific, Unanchor gets you all the sight seeing information you might need when you get there.

With the Google map right in front of you, you can easily access places to visit. Once you have chosen a place you might want to visit, Unanchor shows you a detailed map of the place, its photographs, price, full postal address, the hours you can visit it, the address of its website along with a comprehensive description about the place.

All the information you will need can be found on a single place. For example, if you want to visit Buenos Aires in South America, you can get detailed information (including maps and photographs) of all the places to visit at Buenos Aires in a single page. This makes it incredibly easy to use Unanchor.

If you are sure about the place you want to visit, you can simply type the name of the place in the search box and get information about it.

You can get a self-guided tour itinerary right into your email inbox for free. Self-guided tour itinerary is your personal tour guide. Each itinerary provides you with prioritized sight and attractions based on your interests, specific directions on getting from one sight to the next and general insider advice and tips on travel destination from local experts.

With Unanchor with you, you will never need to consult a travel guide again. You have your own personalized tour guide.