SparkleShare: An Easy and Simple Sharing Tool



SparkleShare is a service that allows you to make your very own version DropBox. It is essentially an open- source project that can be installed in Linux, Mac, and Android phones.this DropBox- like service lets you sync the files that you have on various devices and computers. Given that SparkleShare is an open source, you can alter the application in whatever way you like, and have your end- result shared with all of your friends as well the entire SparkleShare community.

This is very similar to DropBox although the underlying difference can be seen in its system. Unlike DropBox, SparkleShare is not a cloud based syncing system. So you can share your local folders to just about anyone, whether friends or family on SparkleShare. That is to say, the files are directly transferred to the recipient’s computer without a middleman.

This method is highly advantageous in such a way that you don’t have to worry about the storage space or even the monthly fees since you host the method locally. Not only that, downloads and uploads are relatively faster because the transfer will not undergo with a cloud to get to the recipient, rather it goes directly to the recipient’s computer.

Correspondingly, SparkleShare is an open source and will soon be a cross platform. The work is in progress for Windows and iOS versions of this service. And a rather new highlight is its Android app. This app allows you to browse through your files in the server directly from your Android as well as downloading files. What it does is that it hooks it up to the SparkleShare Dashboard which is the “optional server sidebits, which provides a web API but is also a folder and user management.” The moment when you already set up your Dashboard instance, the linking of your device will be rather easy. You just need to scan the QR code given and it will be launched promptly.