Questli: Play a treasure hunting game that combines virtual and real



Questli, as its name suggests, is a treasure hunting game with viral characters that combine the virtual world and the real world in a unique way.

Unlike many others treasure hunting games; Questli guides you through the real world where you have to complete tasks, visit places or answer questions in order to win money, coupons, rewards and discounts.

Questli is real fun. Because it is a crowd-sourcing game, anyone can create his own quests. The platform is very easy to use. On their website, you can see the top 10 quests. All features on Questli are free of cost. You can easily access all the features of Questli and start playing your treasure hunting game instantly.

The platform can be played on iPhone, Android or on Internet browsers. Now you can play Questli while you are on the go. Play it while waiting for the bus, alone or when with your friends.

The best thing is that Questli is not only about playing games, it is also about earning real money when people play your quests! You can, along with fun, also get to earn real money.

When you invite your friends to Questli and they start using the platform, you get to win fantastic prizes. Every week, Questli gives away a Kindle Fire to the best Quest creator. The best Quest creator is one who has more good ratings and less bad ratings on all the quests combined.

Questli combines many functions such as crowd-sourced games, quests, location-based services and couponing in one application. The concept of Questli focuses on the gaming characteristics of its application and the element of crowd-sourcing and user-generated content.

To make the application more exciting for you, Questli integrates sponsors, brands and local businesses with social shopping that can be used as an additional reward or bonus for you.

With Questli, your life will be your playground. Try the magic of Questli.