Kiip: Reward Every Virtual Achievers of Your Game



At this time of technological advancement, games are generally part of our lives. And our mobiles extend from texting or calling to something that connects to the games you love. If this is the case for you, then you are surely not alone. Now, there are millions of people, phones in hand, marketing games and puzzles. But don’t you think it’s merited to be rewarded for all the efforts you’ve put through? Now Kiip wants to hook you up by rewards such as snacks and lattes for the effort you exert in your gaming.

With Kiip’s mission that is “to create technologies that facilitate beautiful, streamlined experiences around achievements, games, and rewards,” it seeks to present an interesting slant to the idea of in- game advertising. The creators of this advertising platform are concentrating on searching for the best time to conduct and deliver ads. And so the best time to do so is when the players are felling jubilant about going through one level up, or achieved something with outstanding act.

At this stage, gamers are more receptive than usual, thus by taking advantage of the moment and offering actual rewards; they will be more open and more willing to accept. That being said, Kiip does not just deliver ads but offers direct rewards that are from multiple partnerships such as Popchips,, Sony Dash, Sephora, 1- 800- Flowers, and Vitamin Water.

Accordingly, Kiip is more of a rewards network than an advertisement network. The difference is quite self- evident but when all is said and done, it delivers the same mission. That is, to promote the products and to bring them to the attention of every customer in a manner that is not uncoordinated or untimely. At the same note, the way the products are promoted does not hurt the quality of the game.