Depstar: Sell your electronics, get instant cash



Depstar is a platform that allows you to sell electronic items easily and get paid instantly. They have the capability of processing thousand of units at any one time, so businesses can also sell their inventory through Depstar.

The platform provides the most superior re-commerce service on the Internet. On Depstar, you can sell your old iPhone or your broken iPad, and instantly get paid. There is no waiting in getting paid. As soon as your stuff is sold, you receive the money.

Most websites take up to a week to issue payment, but with Depstar the moment they accept your package, you get the money that is ready to be withdrawn. If you are in no hurry to be paid, you can request a check. Your check will be sent out on the same day as we receive your inventory. On an average, it takes about 3 to 4 business days. No wonder that Depstar calls itself the easiest, fastest and the safest way to get paid.

Depstar provides the fastest and the most secure way to get paid for your used electronics. The kind of stuff you can sell on Depstar is: iPhones, Laptops, iPad, Tablets, iPods, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android, Nokia and e-readers.

Unlike other such platforms, Depstar gives a payback rate that is nearly 10% higher. That means they pay you more for your used electronics than anybody else. This has made Depstar a one-stop shop for superior re-commerce service on the net.

Businesses can use Depstar’s services to sell thousands of units at a time. They can sell their company’s old cell-phones, computers or other electronic items. All you need to do is to fill out a short form or visit their Live Chat and speak to a company representative.

Depstar resells your old products to those who would use it. If they cannot offer you cash for your old electronic items, they offer you a free recycling solution. That has made Depstar the single greenest re-commerce website on the net.


Hi Bijan: how are you. I used to be a client of your mother's, Mejin. I have a computer that I want to sell. It's a laptop. Its an averitec. Do not know if you're interested. Thanks. Marie D'Amore