OnTheWay: Get personalized road trip directions, attractions



OnTheWay is an app that helps you to plan your road trip by giving you exact directions and more.

The service pulls in the best information from different sources like Yelp, Google Places, Foursquare and even National Register of Historic Places to create a personalized road trip for you.

What is amazing about OnTheWay is that it is not only gives you road directions, but also tells you about attractions like parks, stores, hotels, bars, libraries etc. that you will find on the way. This can prove really helpful to anybody who is travelling and can make the journey comfortable and fun.

Using OnTheWay is very easy. All you need to do is to enter the point from where you will be starting to the end point where you will end your journey. In five simple steps, OnTheWay provides you all the information you will need to reach your destination safely, comfortably and without missing any attractions on the way!

OnTheWay also tells you the appropriate time it will take you to reach your destination so that you can very effectively plan your road trip.

The service is provided at no cost. That leaves no reason why you would not want to try it. For planning freaks like me, it is very important to plan details of a trip to save oneself from unpleasant moments later. OnTheWay gives you comprehensive information about everything you need to know while you are on the go. It gives you an option to log in through Foursquare to get even more precise and personalized information.

The map on OnTheWay that shows you the way can be printed and shared by its URL. Now even if you are travelling and have no access to the Internet, you have your personal trip guide in your hands.