DeviceKnit: Maximize Your Electronics’ Function



DeviceKnit is a site that lets you share what kind of devices you are using, but more significantly is to how you’re using them. In DeviceKnit’s own words, the service is a “cookbook for gadgets made up of recipes called knits.” The aim is to create an organized method of the combined hardware and software in order to attain a goal or solve a problem.

This service is perfect for those people who want to make the most out of their devices and gadgets. If you can widen the horizons of your gadgets, then you can use this particular technology to make your life, and others, better. You can always find solution or share yours with like- minded people. And so, if you make your own inventory on DeviceKnit, you can aso get suggestions relevant to your gadgets as they eventually become more prevalent on the site.

In other words, DeviceKnit allows you to maximize your electronics, find more structured ways to broaden the possibilities, and share them to others. Anybody with new insights on how to set up their devices or software can share this to world. With these new “implementations,” DeviceKnit longs to be the main place where people search for new ways to bring out the best of their devices.

What’s more is that this site will soon be a place where people can trade or sell the electronics they are not using. Through this, the site can be very favorable to users who want to save cash on buying gadgets. Also, the life of the electronics will be extending, thus making environmentalists thankful.

For the mean time, if you want to experience this novel website, you can sign up for free and start creating an inventory with the electronics that you own or start perusing the “implementations” section presented by other users.