Use Filters on Videos, Share Them through Socialcam



Socialcam is a mobile video application for iPhone and Android that makes it easy for you to share videos with your friends.

Build by the team who brought you, the web’s largest live video community, Socialcam is a wonderful app that makes it fast, easy and fun to capture, share and view high-quality movies with your loved ones.

On Socialcam, you can make a single video different by using filters on your videos. This new feature allows you to overlay videos with an array of effects like the 70’s, Electronica etc.

After the inclusion of filters, in two weeks Socialcam had 350,000 downloads with an 84% increase in daily app, 69% increase in daily video viewers and 50% boost in video creation. It is undoubted that videos are the reason for the sharp increase in Socialcam’s users. As many as 45% of the users on Socialcam use video filters on their videos.

Filters are a great way to make a video look professional, different and cool. It works just like a photo filter, where filters turn the mundane into artistic captures.

This smartphone app hit the 2 million download milestone in October, 2011.

On Socialcam, you can tag your friends on videos, and share your latest videos, all through Socialcam. If you no longer want a video to be displayed on your Socialcam profile, you can easily delete them.

Socialcam saves all your videos to your camera by default. You can anytime export your videos to anywhere you want.

You choose who sees your videos. You can make your account private and share your videos with only those people you approve. You can even block certain people from seeing your videos.

Socialcam works with Apple’s iPhone 3GS and newer running iOS 4.0.


That is where they are getting you with the clever wording and so on. With this, you might be of the knowledge that a lot of research is needed in knowing the best ones. It's no wonder people are confused, because the Net is full of legal music download sites advertised as “napster replacements" which are 100% legal.


Thanks for the good article. I also have a lot of interest in video apps, and found a new app which has great filter effects: you can download and check it out from the link.  I expect a post about this kind of non-popular apps as well.