Protect Your Online Conversation with Dialawg



Dialawg in its own words exclaims that it is “the astonishingly simple way to share, track, protect, and control your files, messages…and relationships.” Indeed, conversations are beyond just email messages and it needs protecting.

Today, no one will pass judgment on you if you declare to have guarded particular information when you chat or video conference with people. It is understandable that there are some professional records, which if possessed by the wrong people, can get you out of business at once. Now, Dialawg will let you share that sort of information without worrying about privacy breach. It generally strives to put forward a context to people so that they may be able to share sensitive data securely and promptly.

Dialawg is a suitable conversion platform for professionals. So if you are a doctor, accountant, lawyer, project manager, insurance professional, or anyone who generally want to secure some sensitive information, then this service is fitting for you. Just create your own account and you are ready to start using Dialawg.

So if you start using this service, you are capable of storing sensitive files or messages securely in interactive conversations that are called Dialawg. Anything from your desktop can be dragged and dropped into the application. Every data is encrypted and only your recipients are able to view what you’re sharing.

With Dialawg, you can have your conversations tracked. You can access it through a minute- by- minute audit report which will enable you to know the who’s, what’s, when’s of your conversation. In addition to that, you can compare up to sic document revision at the same time as well.

Your “dialawgs” can be read from Blackberries, iPhones, and iPads. Your account is completely free unless you choose to upgrade to a paid plans that start ar $24 a month. There are two plans available namely “Lite” and “Pro.” Both of these go with larger participants and storage. Aside from that, you can have support for a much longer conference call.