Collect, Filter and Analyze Social Media Data with DataSift



DataSift is a platform through which you can manage large volumes of information from various social data sources. The company also offers a sophisticated re-syndicator of real-time Twitter data.

Apart from being powerful and scalable, DataSift integrates with third party analytics providers so that you can easily extract any data and also get specific insight from social media.

Instead of spending hours and hours on social networking sites, filtering the information you need and then using it, you can simply use DataSift. It does all this and more for you automatically.

All you need to do is to define the specific information you need. DataSift will then collect tweets, messages and posts in real-time that meet your particular needs. You can then use this personalized information for promotion, marketing, development and sharing.

DataSift can be useful in many ways. The information it provides is personalized and delivered in a live stream. Considering the amount of content, photographs and videos people share on social networking sites, filtering everything on these websites to suit a particular need is extraordinary.

DataSift not only collects and filters, but also analyses data for you. Analysing social data is a tough job specifically because it is unstructured. Because of this, DataSift has been designed in such a way that makes processing of large amounts of unstructured data easy.

Through DataSift, an organization can make use of social media data integral to their planning and decision-making processes. Any member of an organization, irrespective of skills, can use DataSift to easily capture, analyze and act on real-time social data.

The company aims to help organizations improve their understanding and use of social media. It is focused on producing state-of-the-art data filtering technology and driving innovation in Big Data. DataSift was founded by Nick Halstead.