Testingbot Simplifies Browser Testing For Developers



TestingBot is a tool that makes browser testing simple for everyone.

There is a lot you can do through TestingBot that can make it incredibly simple for you to keep yourself and your customers happy. TestingBot allows you to do multi browser testing for your web apps, test cross browser compatibility of your product and easily test your app with plugins and code samples.

TestingBot runs your tests for you and flashes alerts when a test fails. Manual testing is a thing of the past. You can easily do all your testing through TestingBot and make sure no bugs remain. It also does browser checks for you so you no longer need to worry about compatibility.

After you have checked your app through TestingBot, your customers will not find a single bug in your product. You can easily create your Selenium tests and watch them run on TestingBot’s cloud servers.

You can easily launch a single test that will test your app in multiple browsers. You can run your tests from your staging environment with TestingBot’s secure tunnel. TestingBot creates a secure and reliable connection between their test grid and your personal staging environment so that you can safely test your website straight from your staging environment.

It is incredibly easy to use TestingBot. After you sign up, you will be offered plugins and example code in all the popular programming languages along with 20 minutes of test time for free! You can see the results that TestingBot gives you and decide yourself about its usefulness.

On TestingBot, you can specify which test you want to run, which browser/s you want the test to run on, when you need to run it and when you want to get alerts when a test fails. In short, you are in control.

TestingBot comes with many other spectacular features such as Advanced Reporting, Cross-browser Testing, Multiple Screenshots Testing etc.