BookieJar opens doors of opportunity for writers, readers and publishers



BookieJar is an open eBook publishing, reading and distribution platform for writers, readers and publishers.

On BookieJar, a reader can browse through thousands of books by independent writers in various genres. Here, you can discover ebooks and writers based on reviews, ratings and friend’s recommendations.

You can get to know about ebook launches, announcements, special promotions from authors, discounts etc. on BookieJar. There’s more! You can connect to authors you like and be the first one to be notified when a new book of your favourite author comes out. You can also follow their blog and engage in conversation there.

With BookieJar, you can easily have your ebook signed by its author. What can be better to have a signed copy without even leaving the house!

For authors and publishers, BookieJar provides a great platform to publish, market and distribute an ebook. Authors can in a minute publish their ebook on BookieJar. Using their powerful marketing and communication tools, BookieJar gives your ebook the exposure it might not get otherwise.

BookieJar keeps your readers and friends updated about your new ebooks, events, promotions and more. You can easily sign your ebook on a touch screen device or with a mouse, and give them out to your fans.

You can also have your ebooks on your blog or website all designed by a dynamic and brilliant widget from BookieJar.

With BookieJar, you can easily make ebook launch announcements to your readers and also create coupon for them.

BookieJar is for both free and paying books. Paying books may include one or more free sample chapters. Authors can put up a book on BookieJar even when it is still in progress.

There is a lot of interaction between readers and authors, readers and readers, and author and authors. This is a wonderful opportunity for everybody to learn more, read better, and write and sell smartly.