LaunchNow: From Startups To Game



It is a note- worthy fact that the number of startups on the web is going up dramatically and quickly.  Undoubtedly, competition among these startups is in the works, and what better way to heighten this is to turn it into a game. LaunchNow Company is here to make that happen. Its idea is rather simple, turn startups into a game.  It highlights exceptional game-play that allows you to create a real company and lets you interact with other competing startups and entrepreneurs as well.

Like any other companies competing for success, so are the players in LaunchNow. Your startups is pitted against other startups and players. However, in order to be able to compete, you have to use a real startup; you can’t just fake one to participate. And so, you can expect a healthy competition on LaunchNow.

To start using, you will have to make an account of your own. Information about the startups that you are currently working on, need to be entered. At this point, you might be wondering why you would be giving precious information about your startup. After all, you don’t want others to know your secret details. That is completely true that is why LaunchNow has a private option, keeping your details into secrecy.

Once you have already given the necessary information, you can now get started with the site. In the game, you have to achieve certain goals and get the company different level of badges. While in the game, you can get a lot of achievements which consist of adding new hires or investments. It is basically rolling in various real- life elements and social gaming into one, fun, interactive site.

Although LaunchNow is a quite new site, it would surely take the time to catch up. A dedicated team spearheaded by Raymond Angel is doing everything to even more innovate the site with features soon to come.