Find great apartments for rent at ApartmentList with personalized search



ApartmentList is a tool to find the best apartment for your needs in the United States without leaving your home!

You know how difficult it is to find a good place to rent. Sometimes, with the same money you can get a better deal. But the difficulty is: How can I get to know about such spaces? ApartmentList is a way through which you can discover your perfect apartment match.

ApartmentList uses your social networks along with its proprietary matching technology to make your apartment search more personalized. Renters can connect their accounts on social networking sites to ApartmentList and answer a few targeted questions that will help the engine to filter those listings that fit your needs.

You will also get some seemingly strange questions from the service, but those are asked with the specific aim of refining your apartment search.

It saves much of your time because it reads your behaviour and preferences from your activity on social networking sites. By the time you get to know ApartmentList, you can be sure that it knows much about you. That will help it in customizing your listings and pointing out only those that matter to you.

ApartmentList has over one million listings and more. It provides you a map of the interface with marked places of utility like a park, market, transportation etc. that are near an apartment. It also provides you with listings on individual cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas etc.

On the listings, you can see the photographs of the apartment and locales along with detailed information that helps you to make informed choice.

ApartmentList also offers you collaborative apartment hunting where you can ask your friends and family to check out your shortlisted apartments for any kind of shortages before you take a final decision.