ReadCube revolutionizes research material management



ReadCube is an exciting and useful way to do research.

Research means loads and loads of files on your computer and papers on your desk (if you still use paper). It is very important that how you use your research content and how you organize them because you want to soak in all the important information and keep it safe for later work.

Now ReadCube allows you to transfer all your pdf by drag and drop, and it automatically organizes them into a searchable library so that you will never again need to open a dozen documents to find the sentence you want. It even gives your folders appropriate names!

You can export a file whenever you need to.

ReadCube also lets you to highlight passages on your pdf that you important to you, write comments on the content, discover related papers and more.

When you find a useful article on the Internet, you can download it to your ReadCube with a single click.

As ReadCube adjusts to user behavior, the more you use it, the more sensitive it will become to your working style. Based on your library and recent activity, ReadCube will provide you with personalized daily recommendations.

With the help of ReadCube, you can have all your research material at one place, searchable, markable and exportable. It not only saves time, but is also a very efficient way of managing and organizing your research material.

ReadCube also informs you about relevant articles you might find useful in your research based on your library. This way you discover more.

ReadCube was started by researchers at Harvard, Siniša Hrvatin and Robert McGrath. They faced the problems of research management and began working on a platform that can make research manageable and exciting. Now, they continue to include useful new features to ReadCube that, they hope, will help scientists all over the world to stay on top of scientific progress.