FanBridge helps Connect, Grow, Engage and Monetize your brand



FanBridge is a communications platform that helps you to build your brand around the world through social, email, mobile text messages or partner integrations.

Say, you are a musician and wants to get noticed. Do you post your videos on YouTube or have a page at Facebook? Well, you can do that, but in those cases you will need to do your own promotion.

What FanBridge does for you is it helps you to grow, engage and monetize your audience. Through FanBridge, you can easily increase your fan base through customizable and easy to use sign up forms. You also get an email list importer.

Your FanBridge account is directly linked to your social networking accounts on top networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and YouTube. If you are using Facebook Pages, FanBridge allows your users to access special content only if they press on the ‘like’ button. It also helps you to turn half of your page visits into email sign ups, likes and shares.

FanBridge also works on iPhones and iPads so that you can have access to FanBridge from wherever you are.

FanBridge makes sure your advertisements and discounts look great. They then promote you on various social networking sites where people will actually see your offer.

Your brand will also be promoted through personal influencers, those who are your superfans and talk about you to others. Most important of all, FanBridge helps you to monetize your fan base.

FanBridge does all that through their powerful analytics, top influencers and targeted marketing and promotions so that you get time for what you like to do. If you are a professional and depend on public opinion, you can ask FanBridge to get you feedback on how popular you really are and how people respond to your content or brand.

We all know how important marketing is. Give FanBridge a try.


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