Appboy helps developers connect with users, promote and get insightful analytics



You have made a wonderful app that you are sure users will love. But after building it, how do you get it to the users? Appboy is a resource that can help you to expand, engage and understand your user base so that your wonderful app can be appreciated and used by thousands of people.

Understanding your users is the first step of marketing and promotion. If you know what and how your targeted market works, half of the job is done. Appboy is a window into how, when and why people use your app, so that you know exactly what they demand of you.

Appboy allows a user to get an overview of your app in an interesting way. It includes news, alerts and a feedback form. Through Appboy, you can cross-promote and recommend your app to others. Your users also get a good-looking user profiles with badges and recent app usage.

Appboy allows game app to grand badges and give rewards for in app achievements.

With Appboy, you can get accurate stats and data to help you with decision-making. The interactive dashboard of Appboy allows you access to Appboy analytics (track sharing, investigate usage), CRM (targeted outreach, feedback, bug reports and questions, see rich user profiles) and the ability to manage the features that come with their SDK. Appboy comes complete with an excellent backend.

Appboy integrates with your app easily. After you have setup your app with Appboy, you and your users can interact in a new way.

All in all, Appboy is a great resource for developers where they can easily manage their users, get insights on user behaviour, interact with them, make their app look cool, cross-promote and get customized reports!

Appboy has been supported by investors namely Blumberg Capital, Accelerator Ventures, Metamorphic Ventures, T5 Capital and Bullpen Capital.