Urban Airship, pioneer in push notification technology, powers mobile apps

Urban Airship

Urban Airship

Urban Airship is a platform that powers mobile apps by providing them technology and resources to make apps more appealing, effective and efficient.

Anybody who has created an app knows the importance of reaching out to the audiences, retaining customers and engaging targeting audiences. Even if an app is a success, to maintain that success is difficult and time-consuming. That is exactly where Urban Airship helps brands.

Through Urban Airship, you can push messages to your customer’s phone even when the app is not open. They are called Push Notifications. You can send breaking news, information about updates, game challenges or stock movements to your customers, all in real time. Timely messages from you will keep your brand in the minds of customers.

Urban Airship’s Rich Push Notifications let you engage your customers in a richer and more interactive conversation. You can add video, audio, HTML, maps and other media-rich content in your mobile messages and send them to your customers.

Push Composer tool helps you simplify sending Push Notifications so that anybody in your organization can do it. It puts the power of engagements into your hands so that you can quickly communicate with your customers without spending much time on customer support.

You can easily see how your customers are using your app through powerful analytics. You can check out actionable info, trends in the customer engagement techniques you are using and how effective they are. These reports are very beneficial for any organization as it tells you what is working for your company and what is not regarding CRM.

In-App Purchase allows customers to buy upgrades of your app and add new content directly.

Urban Airship Subscriptions has opened up subscriptions for mobile. This revolutionary technology in mobiles has opened up a revenue source that was not available until now.

Urban Airship is free to start.


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