Stripe simplifies online payments for developers



Stripe is a simple and developer-friendly way to accept online payments.

Through Stripe, you can easily pay or accept payments securely. You do not need a merchant account or gateway to use Stripe. Stripe.js lets you build your payment forms while avoiding PCI requirements.

The ten member team of Stripe believes the problem of enabling transactions on the web is rooted in code, not finance. The complexity and opacity that have been wrecking online payment processing and the team at Stripe wants to fix it.

Stripe handles everything from storing cards, subscriptions to direct payouts to your bank account so that you do not need to worry about transferring payments at all. To make all this possible, Stripe works closely with some of the best financial institutions in the world. All the information provided by you is kept totally secure. Credit cards go directly to Stripe’s secure environment and never even hit your servers.

The team members of Stripe have previously helped start Mockingbird, Lala, Cappuccino, Auctomatc, Observer and Encyclopedia. They are developers and entrepreneurs who deeply care about code, APIs and documentation. They are dedicated to building the best and the simplest payment solution for developers.

To see what Stripe can do for you, the team has embedded a bunch of examples on their corporate website. You can easily copy some of the requests into your terminal and see how it works for you.

With wrappers in Ruby, Python, PHP and more, you can start using Stripe in minutes.

Stripe walks you through most of the process. You will find tutorials on how to create a payment form, how to make a payment from your server, setting up subscription payments, managing your Stripe account and so on.

If you want particular specs, you can check out tutorials on Stripe API Reference, Stripe.js Reference and Subscription Billing Reference.

There is no setup fee. You will be charged only when you start earning money.