STELLAService rates online stores on the basis of customer service



STELLAService is a platform where you can find stores with the best online service.

Every customer expects a company to provide him/her the best customer service possible. After all, we, as customers, are putting in our hard-earned money into their product/service. But most of the time we are disappointed. STELLAService, feeling the flaw, has come up with a service for customers where STELLAService first test the waters, not us.

On STELLAService, you can search through hundreds of online stores across every category and see the sites that genuinely deliver excellent customer service.

Online retailers have their products and services in the market at aggressive prices and great selection. But customer service is something that most customers are not certain about when buying a product/service online.

To make it easy for you to find the stores/websites that have excellent customer service, STELLAService rates the customer service performance of online stores. They created the most robust evaluation methodology after stress testing it in more than 300 different elements of the online customer experience.

Every online store talks about great performance, but sometimes they do not match their words with actions. How do you find you who delivers and who doesn’t? STELLAService’s in-depth evaluations are designed around the customer and his/her experience. They navigate sites, conduct usability tests, order and return products, engage in conversations with their customer-support personnel via phone, email and chat, to see the quality of a company’s sales support.

Analysts at STELLAService use their training and first-hand experience to thoroughly investigate the quality of customer service of online stores.

The ratings at STELLAService are from elite, excellent, approved and not approved. These ratings are given after investigation and first-hand experience of the analysts at STELLAService.

Anybody can nominate a store for evaluation at STELLAService.