Picfull makes photo editing a joy



Picfull is a photo editing tool that allows you to upload your photo, edit it and share it with your friends.

To help you to edit a photograph of yours, Picfull shows you various examples of how your photograph will look after you have used a filter or done a variation. The tool is very useful for those who find it difficult to use photo editing software or programs.

Picfull does not need you to sign up on its site. You get to the site and can instantly upload a photograph from your computer and start using customized filters on it. You can also adjust the levels of a particular filter so that you can make the photograph exactly how you want it.

This tool is specifically useful for those who just want to edit a photo a little bit without using complicated methods. Picfull makes photo editing easy. Moreover, if you want to edit a photo, you do not need to open a program such as Photoshop just to tweak a photograph. You can simply log on to Picfull and do it easily. As a person who knows Photoshop, I find Picfull easy to access if all I want is to add a filter to a photo. For those who do not know Photoshop and other similar tools, Picfull is bliss.

On Picfull, you can try different textures and shades on a photograph. You can undo a filter and use another just to see how it would look. Everything that you need is available on a single page. What strikes you on Picfull is its simplicity and usability.

Once you have saved your photo (without signing up on Picfull) and opened it, you can share it with your friends on Facebook, e-mail it to friends or share it on Twitter, all with a single click.

Picfull is so easy to use that it is a pleasure using the site. A single click is all you need to do to get things done on Picfull.