BackBlaze: The Easiest and Safest Backup Program



It is always horrifying when your computer dies and you lose all your files. You either have to pay a big sum to recover your files or worst, just accept it’s gone astray. Hence, having a backup plan can save you from such catastrophe. BackBlaze offers you that service. It is a service that backups your computer information by means of your internet browser. It simply takes 3- easy steps and 3 clicks until all your hard drive is uploaded. The entire recovered files can be sent on web, dvd, or usb.

With BackBlaze, you can easily backup files without undergoing tedious processes. Essentially, you do not have to do anything as BackBlaze initially select all data that needed to be stored. By default, it starts to load up your files in idle moments but you could also schedule a convenient time for BackBlaze to do its work. So by this, you could store all your files continuously. Also, it has unlimited storage so you do not have to trouble yourself about the cutoff points or paying extra charges. You basically have unlimited storage, file size, and bandwidth. Aside from that, BackBlaze charges for the service for only $5 a month. It is quite reasonable.

So essentially, if you are directly connected to the internet, you can instantaneously back your files up. After you download your BackBlaze installer, the process of setting- up the service is really quite simple. Your account will serve as your ID to the service.

At the end of the day, BackBlaze is a sure- fire way to store your files. However, there is still the question of security. It is basically established that it helps you in times of computer crisis, but is it safe? Is your privacy secured? For this matter, you do not have to worry. All your data in BackBlaze are encrypted only to your computer, transmitted with encryption, and stored with encryption. To increase security level, you can use private keys so that no one but you can have an access to your entire backup.

With all these amazing features, BackBlaze is sure to be a win- win situation. It works just perfectly without paying ridiculously high charges.