LifeKraze: Be Active, Share Activities and Get Rewards



LifeKraze is a social platform where people can earn points for living an active life. People can connect with friends, acquaintances and family and earn rewards for doing something active like exercising or taking the dog for a walk, and redeem points to get gifts.

The idea for this platform makes sense when most of the people are doing sedentary jobs. Sitting on a chair all day long not only makes life uneventful, but is also bad for health. After the success of social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it seems likely that a social platform like LifeKraze might also grow big if it touches people’s lives in the way it aims to.

According to the team at LifeKraze, their mission is to encourage the world to live actively by providing the sense of community and healthy competition.

It is also true that showing-off your achievements to people gives you a certain high. It not only gives you an incentive to be active, but also encourages you to get up from your desk and do something new.

LifeKraze motivates you to do things offline and brag about it online, which will at least help the computer-addicted folks to leave the computer and go live in the real world.

Most of all, LifeKraze gives you the lasting connections of a social network. Here, you can make new friends and encourage each other to get better at whatever they are doing.

LifeKraze’s ‘What have you done?’ gives you 160 characters to answer. Along with your thoughts/actions, you can also add links, photos and videos of your activities as proof. You get Kraze Points if people like what you did, which you can redeem to get stuff from LifeKraze. It is positive reinforcement all along.

The idea of LifeKraze is impressive. It only remains to be seen is how people react to it.