GroSocial: Your social media marketing manager



GroSocial is a social media marketing tool that helps you promote your business on social networking sites without any hassles.

Effective social media marketing involves branding, community creation, PR, and customer relationship management on a daily basis. The major reason for doing all this and more is revenue creation. If any of the above mentioned activities do not bring revenue, then it is considered to be a waste of the company’s time and resources. GroSocial helps you in increasing your revenue, more than anything else.

GroSocial’s social media marketing software helps businesses and professional find new customers through popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The products built by GroSocial are being used by businesses in seventeen countries.

The specialty of the company’s software is that it is incredibly simple to use. The software is also affordably priced so that it can be used even by the smallest of businesses.

Through GroSocial, you can customize and promote your Facebook page in minutes. It also helps you in acquiring new, valuable Twitter followers every day. Moreover, you can get an entry-level social media marketing training so that you know exactly what to do, how to do it and what results it will achieve. With GroSocial, you can easily swap updates with other social networkers.

GroSocial’s Customizer lets you add dynamic forms to Facebook page. You can easily customize your form by choosing from basic form fields, check-boxes, radio buttons or drop-down lists that can be helpful in collecting names, phone numbers, email addresses of users.

Managing you Twitter account is a tough job, as it requires much time and effort to attract followers and churn out interesting stuff. GroSocial even manages your Twitter account (it selects target audience, cuts out those ‘follows’ who are not interested in following you back, and target those who would be interested in following you) in a spectacular way.

GroSocial is a privately-help company. It is headquartered in Utah.