Manage your finances with CashBase the smart way



CashBase is a web and mobile app for finance monitoring and managing. It helps you save money and time through proper budgeting and monitoring of your expenses.

Keeping track of your expenses leads you to spending wisely. But that is the side-effect of CashBase. Let us get to know what CashBase does for you.

You can, with CashBase, see where you money is spent and also get insights on your spending habits so that you know whether you have spent much or saved much. CashBase also helps you in creating budgets that you can follow. This is a great way to being to save your money and not spend thoughtlessly on things you do not need.

The app works on mobile phones too. This is an added advantage for compulsive shopper and those on the move. You can easily add expenses on your mobile so that you can analyze them later.

Using CashBase is a pleasure. It is created to save your time. You can choose from different options about how you spent your money to whether you would like CashBase to add your monthly income to ‘repeat monthly’ so that the app automatically does that for you every month.

You can tag dates along with expenses and income, add notes, create categories for spending and income, search for specific transactions, and import and export data.

Your security and privacy are given a priority at CashBase. According to the company, they have taken all technical measures to secure their server. Moreover, they do not keep any personally identifiable data in CashBase. They don’t link any specific data to a person so that any detail you enter on CashBase will remain only for your eyes.

CashBase was started in January 2010 as a simple app with a form, two fields (amount and description) and a button. Slowly, new features were incorporated in the app. CashBase had a public launch on March, 2010.


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