mentors, markets, help fund companies provides advisement and operational support to companies. Their team consist of the brightest and most successful minds in the industry that put their creative, strategic and managerial expertise to help businesses do better.

They provide a uniquely crafted structure to every company they work with. Along with this, also brings high level of connections and operational support to the table. only works with companies that have industry disruptive models, and help them groom into market leaders.

Their expertise is in marketing, product design, development and infrastructure, business strategy, business development, operational structure, security, accounting, funding and M&A. is open to work with companies at any stage of their development. A company might be big, small or a start-up.

The team at is profiled on their corporate website. They are some of the most connected, successful and accomplished serial entrepreneurs, angel investor, venture capitalists, senior executives and so on. You can check out the background of their team members and chart out in which way they can help you further your business.

Getting experts into a company is always beneficial. The greatest advantage with is that it brings experts from various fields who collaborate to help a company reach great heights.

They work at captivating, engaging and motivating your potential customers to act by identifying and using unique marketing and media opportunities. They will help you in product design keeping marketing and promotion in mind. is currently located in San Francisco, CA and in New York. The companies they work with do not necessarily be geographically close to them. Their program called ‘Global Startup Initiative’ is called global because they work with companies from around the world. after working with a company can also help them relocate to one of their areas.