Perfectly plan your vacation with Gogobot



Going on a vacation is fun, but planning about it is tough. You have the money in your purse, but which place will make you really glad? Moreover, which places to visit in the city you are holidaying in? You will agree with me that planning a good trip ensures a good trip. Gogobot helps you plan your vacations, request information from friends and keeps you updated while you are on the vacation.

Almost all general information is available on the Internet for free now. You can, of course, research places for your vacation on different sites, but there you find information that is not very helpful and practical. You mostly get hazy answers to accurate questions, if at all.

Gogobot guides you to your circle of trusted friends on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. from whom you can request the information you require. You can type a question on Gogobot regarding places to visit in Shanghai and it will allow only your friends to comment on that, cutting out all junk and misleading information.

What’s more? Gogobot add its own special touch by adding photos and other important information to your friends’ recommendations, making it easier for you to choose and decide.

When you finalize a detail about your trip, you can add it to your ‘Add to Trip Plan’ folder. After you are done, you can easily transport all the information in your Trip folder to your smart phone so that you can access it anytime and anywhere you are.

It is also a great resource for travellers where they can post reviews about places they have been to and liked. You can create your portfolio on Gogobot, ask questions about travelling, hotels, places to visit, budget etc, answer questions, and rate items. Go to Gogobot to give and get all the information about vacations.