How influential are you online? Klout has the answer



Simply put, Klout measures your influence online. It is for people, what google ranking is for web pages. It measures your influence, the quality of your content and its popularity among netizens, to come up with a accurate score.

Brands such as Disney, Turner and Audi use Klout Perks to reach influencers and communicate with them. Influencers are those people who are active on the Internet, have things to say that affects other people, and maintain quality. Influencers are highly courted people for businesses because they are capable of influencing a large number of people on the net.

Klout can find influencers in anything and everything. From gardening to technology, Klout analysis and gives you a Score that is based on the influence your content has on people on the Internet.

According to the Klout team, Klout has over 3,000 apps and partners that use Klout data to display Klout Scores, and prioritise based on Klout Scores or topics.

Klout Scores have been designed by a team of scientists and engineers who worked hard to make it totally accurate.

It not only provides you a basis to judge your content, but also helps you in leveraging it. You can easily understand whom all you influence through Klout, and what kind of content they like. This in itself is tremendous help in getting out information that people like.

Klout gives you Klout Perks to their influencers. Klout Perks are exclusive products or experiences that Klout hands out to you based on your influence. In simple words, they are gifts. Some influencers have received a laptop or airline ticket as Klout Perks.

Businesses can use Klout to find major influencers in the topic of their interest and also study how people respond to some topics. Klout is a great way to understand influences across the Internet and to use the study to increase their market, study customer behaviour or to team-up with influencers to promote their products and services.